We have now added a Delicatessen Section to the growing number of food offerings at the club. Cold meats including our signature honey roast ham, Scotch eggs, double barreled sausage rolls, deep filled quiches and a selection of beautiful summer salads all for takeaway or delivery.

Cooked Meats
Our Signature Ginger Beer Honey Roast Ham
Sliced £2.00 Per 100g Half or Quarter £17.50 Per Kg
Roast Turkey Breast
Sliced £2.00 Per 100g
Roast Sirloin Beef
Sliced £3.00 Per 100g
Scotch Eggs
£1.50 Per Scotch Egg
Double Barrel Sausage & Onion Marmalade Roll
£1.10 Per Sausage Roll
Chicken Liver & Orange Pate
£1.50 Per 1 Portion Tub
Wild Mushroom, Leek & Cheddar Quiche Wedge
£ 2.50 Per Single Portion
Ham, Aspargus, Onion Marmalade & Cheddar Quiche Wedge
£2.50 Per Single Portion

Salad Selection
Asian Pickled Slaw
Charred Chilli & Garlic Broccoli Green Bean Lyonnaise Waldorf
Chefs Salad
Morrocan Vegetable Giant Cous Cous Greek Salad
Balsamic Beetroot & Feta
Please choose four of the salads
fromthelist& wewillputina container for you.
1 Portion £3.00 2 portions £6.00
Platters with more choice and larger numbers are available

Please contact us on information below
Email: Call:
01255 682454


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Please take care when crossing the open trenches and only use the designated crossing points . These are on the pathway to the first tee , 9th Kirby fairway and 5th Kirby green to 6th kirby tee. Preferred lies are to remain in bunkers but updated to WITHIN 6 INCHES no nearer the hole while keeping within the hazard. Please remember to repair your pitchmarks. Tee times are bookable from 8am - 7pm with 10 minute intervals. Limited bins are available every three holes. To use the ball lifters once the ball has dropped in the hole, please GENTLY LIFT with your putter. Greens cut and ironed , bunkers raked work on the cable trench is continuing.