Dress Code

On the golf courses

Smart clean conventional golf attire should be worn at all times on both courses.

Shirts must have a collar with sleeves, but need not be tucked into the waistband.

Ladies may wear sleeveless shirts and knee length tailored shorts with short socks or ankle socks.
Men may wear tailored knee length shorts with knee length socks of a single colour or short white sport socks which must cover the ankle.

No denim clothing, track suits or shell suits should be worn on either course.

Please use the changing rooms (not the car parks) for changing your shoes and clothing.


Lounge, bar areas, dining room and terrace

Clean, smart casual dress must be worn at all times.
Ripped, frayed or stone washed jeans are not permitted.

Normal golf clothing as mentioned above is allowed, as long as it is not wet or muddy.

Waterproof golf clothing, caps and hats should not be worn inside the clubhouse.

Golf shoes and training shoes are not permitted in the clubhouse.

No trainers, tracksuits or shell suits should be worn. Sandals, loafers, and deck shoes are permitted with or without socks. Rubber flip flops and other beach wear are not permitted.

When formal lunches are not being served - The same casual but smart dress for Men and Ladies may be worn in the dining room.

Document updated 1st September 2013

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